Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Love Snow ?

I love snow. It could be precarious trying to walk around, but I think it's amazing nevertheless.
I enjoy going through a real winter. Bring it on I say!!

Winter unlocks a unique chapter in nature that only a few get to experience!

And it's pretty obvious that the love for winter & snow comes naturally to a true New-Englander..

A true patriot of NewEngland winter in the making:

That pic made this day, my 2nd special snow day for this winter ! !

... just less than 6 more weeks to go for an early Spring.. so has said Mr.Punxsutawney Phil.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Mozart from my Madras...

Hmm, I realized I haven't done enough justice to the Rahmaniac in me.

And on this snowy Boston saturday, I took the path less traveled researching Ad jingles by the இசைப் புயல் himself and went digging up old links and remembering past discussions on this elusive past of the genius music composer!!

I'm surprised to find out how much composing tunes for commercials was a big part of the talent that is today A.R.Rahman. So, I decided to log what I could find in this precious real-estate. Something tells me that I am missing some obvious ones. But anyways, here we go:

Leo coffee:

Cinthol bath soap:

Premier pressure cooker:


Garden Sarees: (Lisa Ray!!)

Worldspace Radio: (There were a couple in this series in different languages and video.. but all based on the same jingle)

Indian Navy:

Airtel: (many in this series..)

Asianet TV:

MRF Tires:

Allwyn watches:

Asian Paints:

magnum icecream:

Tilda basmati rice:

Rasna: (mmmmm suspicious..)

SunTV Pongal theme song :

Semmozhi Song: (I think they also wanted to include Chennai-mozhi.. small omission happened :P)

Rahman's take on our national anthem:

Okkay all the patriotic souls standing can sit down..

one more::

Remanika sarees: I think confirmed the language is Malayalam
(and if stripped down to the basic tune, this one sounds very similar to the Cinthol Ad to me!?!?)

And, I'd like to acknowledge Bing ;) for its help because just for a change I Bing'd for info and it was pretty impressive.. :P

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And then one fine day she finally came to Boston..

Yes, she is here with all her white glory, the first snow of this winter season touched down in Boston area yesterday!

& just in time for Christmas..

Truly a the winter wonderland!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can an expert be a master?

Can they ever be the same? Then how to separate them? 
Typical definition of these 2 words in English:
Expert :: A person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject.
Master :: One who has control over or ownership of something or some skill.
So, an 'expert' sounds like someone good at applying their skills on standard work. But may have a hard time working outside of the scope of what they know. 
On the other hand, a true master is not one who has mastered a skill, but rather one who has mastered the 'process of learning' about mastering that same skill.
In simple terms, the 'expert' just seems to know. 
The 'master' knows that there is much to learn and continually works on that task!
Looks like I have some clarity but might need to get it absolootely right before I move-on..

Stay with me patiently folks coz I am trying to get a clear understanding of these terms as a preface to a future rambling that I had to put on hold until I can get a clear idea of the distinction between an expert and a master!! (that was one big freakin sentence & I am slight-a proud of myself!)
It will help decide the fate of 2 eminent individuals who, based on how I understand the meaning of expertmaster could be considered guilty!! :-O (by me of-course)
So waiteese, and yes, patience is a virtue.. :P

Sunday, December 5, 2010

(Aa:) S G2 R2 G2 M1 N2 D2 M1 N2 N2 S (Av:) S N2 D2 M1 G2 M1 P M1 G2 R2 S

Disclaimer: If you stopped by expecting to read another rambling from a hopeless soul, you are up for disappointment (this time) and better move on.. :P

Not long ago and not so far away lived a boy who was ignorant when to came to technicalities in music.
But, but, he did have a pair of functioning ears and could listen to and attempt to appreciate rhythms. :P
One day he stumbled upon a couple of songs that sounded eerily similar and was intrigued! Upon seeking help of highly skilled sources with better set of ears, he found out that they were all based on same series of musical notes defined in the title of this post & make a melody(raaga) called ReethiGowla. 
Here is a flautist's rendering of the melody that started the quest:
(skip to the 1 minute mark to cut the intro in the beginning..)

Whoa, whoa.. wait a minute! That sounded like more than one song, didn't it?
And so started his quest to crack the code where he learnt that the recording indeed mixes 2 songs:

1) (oooold) song : Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran
    film : kavikkuyil (? sorry, this is too old and he is no expert)
    composer : Ilaiyaraaja

2) song : Kangal Irandal
     film : Subramaniapuram
     composer : James Vasanthan (the fellow who used to be an anchor on VijayTV ?!?!)

And searching even more examples of this wonder he found 1 that he already liked:

 song : Azhagana Ratchashiyae
 film : Mudhalvan
 composer : AR Rahman

Are there more? No idea but maybe there are!! 
If only Google's algorithm can also crawl inside video, audio files and tag patterns.

Maybe one day it will..:P